Let's Get Personal... 


About Parisa Moayedi, Owner

For the past 15 years, Parisa has worked in public and private sectors throughout Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA as a Designer + Brand Strategist, specializing in graphic design, personal development, event planning, public speaking and philanthropy. A visionary cutting-edge established professional with business acumen and ethics, Parisa focuses on purpose driven and design led projects. With a structure for business as well as fundraising for her chosen charities, Parisa's intention is to contribute a positive impact within the community. 

Parisa believes there are no limitations, only infinite possibilities.


2009 AMA Crystal Award - Holocaust Museum Houston

2009 Holocaust Museum Houston Exhibit Designer, "BESA" featured in FotoFest

Holocaust Museum Houston Gala / Exhibit Design (Full Life Cycle Branding) :
Senator John McCain, Norman Lear, Jane Seymour, John Prendergast, Gerald D. Hines, Carolyn Farb

Published Ad Designs
TIME Magazine
Bloomberg Businessweek
Sports Illustrated
PaperCity Magazine
Texas Monthly
Here Is Houston
Jewish Herald Voice

2009 Guest speaker - Art Institute of Houston Graduating Class, sharing my professional experience and success in the design industry

2012 Certified Judge - Texas Art Education Association, Visual Arts Scholastic Event

2013 Host Committee Member - Bayou Buddies' Annual Bayou Bash

2014 Creative Mornings Volunteer - Committee member, community outreach  

2014 Speaker, Design Director and co-organizer - “I AM”, Houston Conference, lead women’s workshop session and art class: “I AM WORTH IT”

2016 Co-Chair and Design Director - League of Women Voters, “Roaring Women: Women’s Equality Celebration”, exceeding goal profit, designed all online marketing graphics and event design/concept

2016 Speaker - Crime Stoppers, October Domestic Violence Awareness Month

2017 Auction Committee Member and Volunteer -  KNOW AUTISM Foundation Gala

2017 Auction Chair - K9s4Cops Unleashed Gala

2017 Communications Committee Member - Indo-American Charity Foundation Gala

2017 AAF-Houston Chapter, Communications Committee

2017 Judge - AAF-Houston Student Conference, “Will You Be Great? Or Bait?”

2018 Influencer Committee Member - GHWCC (Greater Houston Women Chamber of Commerce)

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts)    
AAF (American Advertising Federation-Houston)    
Art Institute Alumni Association    
Greater Houston Partnership    
GHWCC (Greater Houston Women Chamber of Commerce)

Ongoing Supporter
AIDS Foundation Houston
Friends of BARC
Know Autism Foundation
St. Jude Foundation
The Women’s Home


What does KALIRISA ™ mean?

The KALIRISA ™ name and entire brand was authentically and divinely created by Parisa Moayedi with a three part meaning sacred to the mission and vision. After many years of contemplating on starting her own business, Parisa was finally ready, but first what about the name?! After many nights of brainstorming and bouncing off ideas with close confidants - it finally happened: KALIRISA GROUP ™ was born. "KALI" is the hindu goddess, whom signifies being the destroyer of all evil, it is also an homage to California (Cali) where Parisa has spent time living and studying with master teachers throughout her journey of self discovery and healing. Lastly, "RISA" is the last part of PARISA's name - and there you have it! The logo created by Parisa is based on sacred geometry, symbolizing the infinite divine patterns of life. 

Your power has always been within you, it is your birthright. Break free from the chains that bind you.
— Parisa Moayedi

Spiritual Background

Parisa Moayedi is an intuitive and empath. At the age of  approximately one and a half  years old Parisa experienced a life changing event - falling into a pool and drowning, encountering a NDE (Near Death Experience). On a cold and icy day, Parisa wondered off by herself, crawling at a very fast speed around a pool unattended, within an instant she fell into the deep waters of the pool and drowned. The next thing she remembers is floating up and out of her body and hovering over her body, being able to see and hear everything in real time. She was not alone, as she had her Angels on both her right and left side speaking to her and making sure she understood what was happening as well as keeping her calm. What she experienced was profound peace, warm healing light around her entire body and a verbal promise that she was always guided and protected by her Angels at that time and for all of eternity. 

Unable to shake this vivid memory and experience as she grew older, Parisa sought out answers and understanding - moving beyond her NDE and learning from healers and teachers all around the world. From the age of 14 years old, Parisa began her spiritual journey and started to hone in on her own God given gifts and blessings. Everything that was learned was held close to the heart, but rarely shared. A natural truth teller and intuitive, Parisa often experienced backlash and criticism as a result of sharing her gifts.... as time went on this worsened and the self doubt, lack of self worth set in. Coupled with a difficult childhood and surviving severe abuse and assault throughout her adolescent and early adult years, Parisa let go of believing for a period of time as faith was lost. Life had ups and downs and Parisa realized she could not deny her intuition or the sacred messages that continued to be divinely given to her. Little nudges, visions and premonitions, people coming into her life with both good and bad intentions.. still doubting herself and her gifts - she chose difficult paths and lessons... and then hit a wall. 

... A Rebirth... A New Beginning...
Several years ago, Parisa had to rebuild her life after losing everything including her self-worth and direction in life (It is never too late to begin again). You see, once upon a time Parisa looked outside herself  for validation and approval. This is the ultimate defeat. Through her own healing, spiritually and physically (Parisa survived a three and a half year medical nightmare) she realized she wanted to help show others how to heal from within and stand tall in their power... after all, the choice is always yours. Through divine intervention, she had the blessing of starting over in life. It was a rebirth; a new beginning. She rewrote her story, by conquering challenges that were thrown her way and answering raw questions that were honest for the soul.

Believing in forgiveness and letting go of  what does not serve the soul in the highest good, Parisa's purpose is to show you how to do the same and so much more. Approaching each lesson with compassion, non-judgement sacred space with love and patience. The mastered lessons have prepared Parisa in such ways so she can now help others overcome obstacles.

Never forgetting how much we are loved by our higher power and Angels, Parisa is ready to share her personal story and lead you to find your truth and voice. The intention is to demonstrate how to rise above and break free from the chains that bind you, become who you always knew you were. Empowering one another can move mountains and vibrationally lift us ALL up together as it has always been intended. Remember that you are never alone in your journey. God Bless.

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.
— Buddha

Parisa is also currently working on her personal book that is focused on empowering women through their adversity and hardships, as well as sharing her own personal story through speaking engagements. She enjoys writing, yoga, learning, meditation, foodie adventures, volunteering, philanthropy and producing a positive impact in the community.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
— Paulo Coelho