“The ears of the soul cannot hear nor can the eyes of the soul see the signs, if it is not willing to receive. Timing is everything. When the soul is ready the message will connect.”
— Parisa Moayedi

One of the most profound and important aspects of your journey is the moment where you are able to connect with a divine message. The sacred moment of truth where nothing can shake you - a synchronized message that is meant just for you at the very exact time you need it the most. Your Angels and Guides are bringing you these messages on a daily basis. It is infinite and miracles never run out - as it is from God. A moment of clarity where the significant meaning shines through, where as my mother always says: “All the pieces of the puzzle come together” and you experience what we often call “Serendipity” or…. Synchronicity.

However, if you think it comes to you as a coincidence or by chance - you could be denying gifts being brought to you to guide you and show you that you are not alone. Embrace the moment and give gratitude.

:::Vision Vibes:::
A few months ago, I began receiving a snap-shot vision of a very specific healing gemstone. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, however I was very drawn to this particular stone as I knew it has powerful healing properties. I had never really seen it at many metaphysical shops, nor had I ever worked with this stone before - but BAM - in my peripheral is this crystal rectangular oddly shaped object being shown to me in vision form and I just can’t shake it. Knowing not to seek it out and that when the moment was right it would present itself to me and the reasoning behind it would be revealed, I waited patiently…. Which BTW could possibly bring me to my next post on spiritual discipline and patience haha!

:::California Vibes:::
Time passed and I forgot about it….. until a few weeks ago I am at one of my favorite spots in Laguna Beach and walk into a store I had visited a few times before. This store is filled with all kinds of hidden antique treasures from all over the world mainly from the middle eastern countries. As I am looking through all of the healing stones (which by the way I had not seen at this shop the other times I had visited) I suddenly come across the EXACT rare stone that I have seen in vision form and I pick it up… At the very exact moment as I pick it up there is a woman, who also happens to be an energy healer as well, she has her back to my back so we can not really see what we are each holding, but she begins speaking loudly about THE EXACT same crystal. She is older and I could immediately see she has been a healer for quite some time, soft and firm in her tone, but very direct. I turn around and see her teaching another person in the shop about the specific crystal’s healing properties just as I am doing the SAME with someone else... at the same time with the same tone, conviction and purpose. It gets better… I turn around and look at her and I immediately say: “Oh my goodness, I’m holding the exact same crystal in my hands as you right now” We both take a moment and look at each other, pause and acknowledge each others work. Well… ok so I got my confirmation with the crystal and realize it is something I need to incorporate in my work with clients… I’m done here and begin to leave the shop - at least that is what I thought. All of a sudden as I am leaving out of the door, the healer looks up at me and we make eye contact, I hold my breath as I know she has a message for me…. she says the following and turns around immediately: “You know your healing is very important here” I begin to try and say “Thank You” but get choked up and just start walking away… that was my message. The crystal led me to this message. I remained open and willing to receive. Because as we all should know: Messages are given to each of us through all channels of the universe, whether it is a song, a friend, pet, billboard, tv, or even someone who you meet in passing…. Synchronization - Confirmation - at its very finest.

What do you think about when you hear the word: “SYNCHRONICITY”? Do you brush it off and think nothing of it? Are you aware of what the Divine is trying to bring to you and are you willing to receive your gifts?

Sometimes reading the fine print and looking at the details can give you the very answer to your question… the answers that you seek are already within you…. have an open mind and heart and just listen. Your message is for YOU - however, your message also contributes to the whole. We are all in this together, your enlightenment DOES affect the collective. It is your light that is able to shine upon others and vice versa.

Embrace the Divine messages being brought directly to you, as your connection to the Divine is your birthright. Never forget that.

:::Solstice & Full Moon Vibes:::
I waited to release this special time - sensitive blog on: 12/21/18 YULE (Winter Solstice) which carries over to the last FULL MOON of the year on 12/22/18. Please be kind to yourself as we are ending the year with two high energy events - try to release all that does not serve you and move into a new space for 2019 with a clean heart… letting go of all old spiritual contracts, regrets, guilt, old patterns, habits and cycles. Light your own path by creating new visions of alignment for the new year and set brand new goals that serve your growth harmoniously. Stay Blessed.

With All My Love,
Parisa Moayedi

“This is called synchronicity - a state in which you almost feel as if you are in a collaborative arrangement with fate.”

- Wayne Dyer

Trusting Your Intuition

Trusting Your Intuition