Personal Development Testimonials

“A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself.”
— Unknown

"Ms. Moayedi is a true empathic that connects with you on every level.  She is able to guide you with spiritual messages onto the best path for you without you feeling judged or ashamed of any missteps.  In fact, she has taught me that missteps aren't mistakes or failings but rather just part of the lesson and the cycle of searching for your true purpose and your true self.  She is a leader in the movement of women lifting and supporting each other and I believe that this is key to changing our world on a higher level as well."

— Anonymous

"I am so grateful for Parisa and the workshop she presented.  Parisa is such a divine healer who truly loves and cares for all women.  She captivates you with her own story and inspires you through her experiences to heal and move forward in your own life with grace, love and forgiveness.  This workshop was inspiring, creative and healing and I hope women of all ages can experience it."

— T. Archibald

"Each time I’ve had the honor of sharing space with Parisa it feels as if we are soul sisters. There’s a connection that brings down any barrier and makes me feel as if our spirits are communicating, healing & dancing with one another. It’s a beautiful blessing to feel the closeness, acceptance and love that is Parisa Moayedi."

— M. Thomas 


Graphic Design & Branding Testimonials

“ There are three responses to a piece of design—yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”
— Milton Glaser, Designer

Ms. Moayedi comes from a distinguished senior design background and is at the top of her field with work being featured in Texas Monthly, TIME Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek and Here is Houston, just to name a few. An AMA Crystal Award Winner, she took the leadership role in creating new branding campaigns for HAR and Holocaust Museum Houston with her  highly developed technical and creative skills. She was the go to designer for invitations in Houston that attracted an international crowd. Her invitation designs were highlighted for Senator John McCain, Norman Lear, Jane Seymour and local celebrities Gerald D. Hines and Carolyn Farb. 

— S. Myers, CEO Blinn College Foundation

Parisa Moayedi is not only an amazing and innovative graphic designer, she is easy to work with and patient. I have worked with her on numerous projects, many of them started with me sending her a barrage of e-mails and needing them done sooner than later. Every. Single. Time. She delivered and faster than I expected. I highly recommend using her for your branding and image collateral. She will bring your vision to life.

— Amber Burton Alfred, Consultant

I had the privilege of working with Parisa at Holocaust Museum Houston for several years, experiencing her creative passion and pure dedication. The care she takes with each design always resulted with the perfect product. I was especially impressed with the powerful design and concept Parisa created for our gala fundraiser honoring, Senator John McCain, "A Hero's Journey". 

— P. Hamilton